Why M.D. Anderson?

Ban, Peter and I would like to call your attention to a video segment that makes a great case for why one would choose M. D. Anderson, this large integrated hospital and research center is consistently top ranked in national surveys. The Proton Center is staffed with medical professionals who are continually in contact with other colleagues in a very large urology department and are in that urology department. 

Innovations in Cancer Treatment.  Click here to watch

“Innovations in Cancer Treatment, Part I with M. D. Anderson, Making Cancer History®.” This 30-minute program will follow M. D. Anderson physicians and patients through prostate, uterine, and brain cancer.

For over six decades, M. D. Anderson has a singular mission of eliminating cancer. Through cancer research, prevention and treatment, M. D. Anderson is Making Cancer History ®.

The KPRC Local 2 broadcast a show about Innovations in Cancer Treatment that focused on treatment of solid tumors. Faculty interviewed include Andrew Lee, M.D., associate professor, Radiation Oncology; Diane Bodurka, M.D., professor, Gynecologic Oncology and Mark Gilbert, M.D., professor, Neuro-Oncology.

  • Dr. Andrew K. Lee, M.D. the Director of the Proton Therapy Center discusses using pencil beam proton therapy for prostate cancer. We meet a successfully treated patient of his, James, and his wife Jean.
  • Bodurka focuses on uterine (endometrial) cancer and talks about advances in treatments and new therapies. We also meet her patient, Barbara, who was treated with surgery for her uterine cancer.
  • Gilbert focuses on advances in treatment for brain cancers and calls out some exciting new therapies developed at M. D. Anderson.

Several messages are wrapped around these stories, including the benefits of multidisciplinary care, the importance of customized care, the benefit of sub-specialization, the importance of proper imaging and pathology to the correct treatment, translational medicine and the relevance of clinical trials.

The show is the second in a series of six programs.  The first, which aired in the end of February 2009, can be viewed on the Click2Houston site.

Your ProtonPals Team,

Joe, Ban and Peter

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