About the ProtonPals Support Group


ProtonPals is a patient support group who choose proton therapy treatment at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Proton Therapy Center in Houston, Texas. This site will provide our patients with information on the following:

  • Stay up to date on treatment cure results
  • Provide support to others and Proton Therapy Center activities
  • Be informed on side effects among the group
  • Promote proton radiation as one of the best cancer cures
  • Attract and nurture more Proton Pals who support our cause, patient-to-patient and friend-to-friend

Proton therapy is widely regarded as the optimal radiation treatment for a wide variety of cancers and has significant advantages over conventional X-rays and other therapies. It is a cancer killing machine that targets cancer with precision to a millimeter while sparing nearby healthy tissue and causing very few, if any, side effects people often experience with other therapies.

The Proton Center was the first proton therapy facility located within a comprehensive cancer center, giving patients access to MD Anderson’s world-renowned research, faculty and multidisciplinary care. The leading radiation oncologists and center staff who provide your care are part of a hospital that is ranked the top hospital in cancer care for 2013.  “America’s Best Hospitals”. In addition to prostate cancer the Proton Therapy Center also provides effective treatment for many other tumor sites, like lung, brain, pediatric, head and neck among others.  (view the hospital’s current list of all conditions treated).